Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Little Noodle's big Day!!!!!!!

So my Little Noodle turned 6 Today. I can't believe it. She woke up I made her pancakes(her favorite.) She had some friends come over we painted toe nails and decorated some new flip flops with material, we also had a pinata. She got Lot's of great gifts.Thanks everyone for making her day GREAT!. Then Grandpa and Grandma Moon came over for dinner and cake and ice cream. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUGAR!! WE LOVE YOU ALOT!


miranda said...

Happy Birthday Little Noodle! Your blog post look fine, sorry I wasn't able to help with my comp. I must have it looked at!

Erica said...

Happy Birthday. Your little noodle is getting so big! What are you going to do w/o your lunch buddy this year?
By the Way I am very impressed with your blogging skills. :)