Monday, September 22, 2008


Well I know some of you will not believe this, but I have went back to school!! It's true, To Kindergarten. I didn't want to take on to much! I'm just joking, I'm an over load tech in the afternoons at my noodle's school. It is great. My teacher is Carla Stutz and she is alot of fun, I think we are going to have a fabulous YEAR!! And I am right there with my noodles..


Erica said...

You're brave to tackle kindergarten. I don't know that I could handle that many five year olds at once. :)

Carla said...

It wouldn't be nearly as much fun in kindergarten without you .... and I'd never get anything done. You are worth your weight in gold!

miranda said...

How fun- I bet the kids love you and your little noodle probably loves you being there!